J. Kameron Carter

Race & Religion || Scholar & Writer


I've just finished a 17 year stretch of teaching at Duke University as Associate Professor of Theology, English and Africana Studies in the Divinity School with appointments in the English Department and the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Department. I've just taken up and appointment as Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington.

As these appointments suggest, I teach in religious and theological studies by way of what some might call critical race studies but that I call black studies. What I study and think about is black social life as it intersects the sacred, as the deviant scene of alternative practices of the sacred. 

My first book is titled Race: A Theological Account (New York: Oxford UP, 2008). I edited a collection of essays called Religion and the Future of Blackness in 2013 (a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly). I'm finishing a book called Black Rapture: A Poetics of the Sacred.