J. Kameron Carter

Race & Religion Scholar | Writer & Activist


At Duke University Divinity School, Professor J. Kameron Carter teaches in religious and theological studies and in critical race and cultural studies. Driving his research are questions of how modernity's racial imagination, at the heart of which is 'whiteness,' is in fact a religious formation, a "god-term" that fuses violence and the sacred. He researches this problem with a view to alternative ethical possibilities. In this context Professor Carter also researches "blackness" as an alternative ethics of the sacred, a practice of primordial commoning in excess of (racial) capitalism. So understood blackness is not, strictly speaking, just another identity. Being for all people, blackness bespeaks intimacy without limit, belonging without borders, care and caress without rule/s. The sacred otherwise.

Professor Carter's first book is Race: A Theological Account (New York: Oxford UP, 2008). He edited the collection of essays Religion and the Future of Blackness (a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, 2013). He has two books underway—After Property: A Blackpoetics of the Sacred and Dark Church: Notes from the Assemblage.